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Are you an oral health care superhero? Does your smile evoke the status of oral health care superstardom? No matter how large or small your smile is, we must always do our part to keep our teeth and gums healthy and happy. The more we can do for our individual oral health care, the better our teeth and gums will be to serve us next year and beyond.

If you think you have what it takes to prove your oral health care year in review was the stuff of legend, take the quiz below:

– Did you floss your teeth daily?
– Did you avoid products that are dangerous to your teeth and gums?
– Did you visit your dentist at [practice_name] for all your regularly scheduled appointments?
– Did you brush your teeth twice daily?
– Did you avoid sugary snacks and drinks?
– Did you avoid chewy snacks and hard candies that could damage your teeth or increase the risk of plaque buildup?
– Did you use dental cleaning tools that were dentist-approved or had the American Dental Association ADA Seal of Acceptance?
– Did you limit between-meal snacks?

If you answered YES to 0-3 questions, your teeth and gums are not happy. Try harder this year.
If you answered YES to 4-7 questions, you did well, but there is room for improvement in 2017.
If you answered YES to all 8 questions, congratulations! You were an oral health superhero for the year of 2016!

If you would like to schedule a visit with Dr. Skigen, please call our office. We are conveniently located in Jacksonville, Florida. We strive to make your oral health care for the new year the best yet!