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Bruxism is an oral health disorder that is the grinding and gnawing of your teeth. It can occur in seemingly healthy individuals but can cause havoc for one’s oral health. Keep bruxism away from your smile this summer! Here are a few tips about bruxism:

– Have you ever noticed that your tooth enamel has worn down to the point that your teeth are sensitive when eating or drinking?
– Are you afflicted with a pain in your head that feels similar to an earache but doesn’t appear to be related to your ear?
– Do you find that your jaw easily locks up and fails to open fully?
– Is there any damage on your inner cheeks from what appears to be bite marks?
– Have you ever noticed that the appearance of your teeth looks dull and flat?
– Are you afflicted with any unexplained chips, cracks, fractures, or splits in your teeth?
– Have you discovered any signs of grinding and gnashing your teeth while you sleep?
– Have you noticed any abnormal or irregular indentations or markings on your tongue?

If you are looking to improve your smile with treatments for bruxism or any other procedure, you are welcome to book an appointment with Dr. Skigen and our team at our dentist office in Jacksonville, Florida. Bruxism disorder can be conquered, so feel free to come see us today.