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Dental sealants are great dental products that cover the chewing surfaces of your teeth and protect them from tooth decay. If you are one who wishes to shield your teeth from dental issues, you may want to consider a dental sealant!

Generally, dental sealants are meant to help children and teenagers protect their back molars when their teeth are prone to tooth decay, especially if they have poor oral hygiene habits. These products are thin, plastic coatings that are bonded to the depressions and grooves of the teeth, and they feel completely natural. This is a great option if you struggle with cleaning the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth, like the nooks and crannies on and between your teeth. These sealants successfully seal out the plaque, food, and bacteria that are harmful to your smile.

If you’re interested in protecting yours or your child’s teeth from tooth decay and other dental issues, we encourage you to call our office today and schedule an appointment regarding dental sealants. The process of placing the sealant is easy, painless, and quick. It can be completed in one dental appointment and it can protect your teeth for many years.

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