Whether you realize it or not, your teeth are constantly exposed to factors that cause stains and discoloration. Among the most common causes of tooth discoloration are poor oral hygiene habits, smoking and tobacco use, and eating a poor diet rich in sugary and acidic foods. Coffee, wine, and tea are also known to harm tooth enamel if consumed on a regular basis. Luckily, modern advances in dental technology now allow us to effectively reverse stains and discoloration for dramatic results. At Dr. Skigen’s dental office, we are pleased to offer professional teeth whitening in Jacksonville, Florida.

We offer teeth whitening services that are available for both in-office and at-home use. When you choose to whiten your smile at our office, your whitest smile is only forty-five minutes away. While sitting comfortably, the whitening gel is applied directly to your teeth and activated with a high-powered light to gently bleach away stains. If you would rather whiten your smile on your own time, we provide custom-made plastic trays to deliver the whitening gel when it is most convenient for you. Depending on your individual needs and goals, this process can take days or weeks.

For a more dazzling smile, schedule your teeth whitening consultation today. Our friendly dentist and dental team look forward to helping you achieve the brighter, whiter smile you have always wanted. Zoom whitening will get you the smile you want faster.