When tooth decay or damage has severely harmed your tooth, we may suggest a dental crown. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that completely covers a tooth up to the gumline. Our experienced dentist uses dental crowns in Jacksonville, Florida to:

  • Repair moderate to severe tooth decay
  • Prevent a weak tooth from falling apart
  • Hold a broken tooth together
  • Restore the beauty of your smile
  • Anchor a dental bridge
  • Support a large filling or root canal therapy
  • Complete a dental implant treatment

Dental crowns are made in two visits to our office. After removing all decay, we will gently reshape your tooth to accommodate the thickness of the crown so your smile will not look bulky or thick. We take molds of the tooth that are sent to a dental laboratory, where your crown is made from gold or porcelain. Dr. Cynthia L. Skigen will temporarily place the crown over your tooth when it is back at our office to make sure that it fits properly before permanently cementing it in place.

Crowns are highly durable and are an excellent choice when a normal filling is not enough to save your smile. We would love to share all of the benefits of dental crowns with you and encourage you to contact our dental office for more information. Our team is eager to restore the health and beauty of your smile!