Our dental team at Dr. Cynthia L. Skigen’s dental office is committed to providing you and your family with multiple treatment options so you can receive service that is perfectly suited to you. As part of this effort, we provide dentures in Jacksonville, Florida. Dentures are prosthetic dental appliances used to replace some or all of your teeth, depending on your individual needs. There are two main types of dentures that we offer:

  • Full dentures – This type of denture, also referred to as complete dentures, is what most people think of when they imagine dentures. Shaped like a horseshoe, full dentures replace all of the teeth in your smile. They are made from replacement teeth attached to a pink-colored base that snugly fits over your gums for support. Sometimes, denture adhesives are used to hold full dentures more securely into place.
  • Partial dentures – Partial dentures are used when there are still some natural teeth left in your smile. Although they are still made from prosthetic teeth, they also use a thin metal framework to remain positioned in your mouth.

One of the advantages of dentures is that they are a non-invasive treatment. No drilling, shots, or surgery are required for dentures. Dentures are also completely removable, allowing us to make adjustments easily if needed. If you are considering dentures as an option to replace your missing teeth, please contact our dental office today for a consultation with our gentle dentist. We look forward to restoring your smile!