At our office, we are committed to helping you keep your smile healthy and beautiful. We strive to help you prevent tooth decay and other dental problems. To better help you maintain optimal oral health, we are pleased to utilize the CariVu™ caries detection device at our office. Dr. Skigen and her team use this tool to detect tooth decay at the earliest possible stage, which helps us provide treatment that is fast and effective. By identifying susceptible areas earlier, we can also provide the needed treatment before the problem becomes more serious and painful.

The CariVu caries detection device works by using patented transillumination technology to identify areas that may suffer from decay. The CariVu is a compact, portable device, which allows our dentist to easily use it without compromising our patients’ comfort. The device scans the tooth using safe, near-infrared light and then provides our team with images that mark problem areas. By using the CariVu device in conjunction with digital X-rays, we are able to provide the most accurate diagnostics possible. We are then able to recommend any needed treatments so your smile stays healthy.

To learn more about CariVu in Jacksonville, Florida, and to set up your next visit with Dr. Skigen, we invite you to contact our friendly office today.