When tooth decay occurs and begins to eat away at your tooth enamel, our knowledgeable dentist, Dr. Skigen, may suggest a composite filling. Composite fillings are a type of dental filling and hold many advantages over other types of materials used. One of the main reasons composite fillings are quickly gaining popularity is they can be matched to your natural tooth color, unlike amalgam (silver) fillings. They are also considered to be safer than amalgam fillings and are free of toxins and mercury. Composite fillings are extremely durable and strong, bonding naturally with your original tooth structure.

It normally only takes one visit to our dental office to place a composite filling in Jacksonville, Florida. If necessary, we will apply local anesthesia to numb your tooth and the surrounding tissues. Then, we will remove all tooth decay and thoroughly sanitize the area. To place the composite filling, we will apply one layer of plastic at a time, hardening it as we go. When the final layer is applied, we will shape and polish the surface of your tooth to a beautiful shine. With composite fillings, your tooth will look completely normal and function as it should. To learn more about this process and how composite fillings can save your smile, we welcome you to call or visit our dental office today. Our team is excited to take care of your smile!